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Next Payout: 19:49 UTC in -25607 minutes

Fuertecoin (fuec-usdt)



    Price: $0.00003515


Ticker: FUEC
Algo: gr
Port: 6866
Hardware: GPU/CPU
RPC encoding: POW
Block height: 177263
Mature blocks: 1
Mature blocks: 1
Difficulty: 0.0174369969
Reward: 5000.02230316


WEB https://fuertecoin.network
GITHUB https://github.com/GitFuec/fue...
EXPLORER https://explorer.fuertecoin.ne...
LOCAL EXPLORER /explorer/1438
DISCORD https://discord.gg/KxFRmwkmuM

What is Fuertecoin?

FuerteCoin is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the video game industry, with a focus on providing a fun and risk-free gaming experience. This digital currency is based on an advanced blockchain that offers financial privacy to users and supports a variety of games, especially those related to online gaming and betting. Some key aspects of FuerteCoin include: Key Features Financial Privacy: FuerteCoin uses CoinJoin technology to conceal the origin of funds in transactions, providing greater confidentiality and security to users. Fun and Risk-Free Experience: The platform allows users to enjoy online games without the need to spend real money, promoting a purely enjoyable and worry-free gaming experience. Gaming Industry Focus: FuerteCoin specifically targets the video game industry, making it ideal for activities and transactions related to online gaming and betting. Innovation: The cryptocurrency aims to drive innovation in the gaming industry by offering opportunities for the development of new games and applications

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