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Hello everyone, We want to express our sincere request to LatinMiners users: please, we kindly ask you not to use ad-blockers or browsers like Brave while using our services. At LatinMiners, we take pride in offering the lowest fees in the market, thanks to our philosophy of responsible mining. However, in order to maintain our services and make them sustainable, we are required to display advertisements to offset operational costs. Regrettably, the server is not profitable in part due to the ad-blockers we provide. We remind you of the importance of not blocking ads and interacting with them whenever possible. This will greatly help us continue to provide our high-quality services to the mining community. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Thank you for being part of the LatinMiners community.

Next Payout: 19:49 UTC in -25575 minutes

Fuertecoin (fuec-usdt)
Some miners may experience errors when trying to connect to "stratum+tcp://latinminers.com". If you cannot connect your miner, try removing "stratum+tcp://" from the connection URL. If you find that your miner does not require the "stratum+tcp://"

Worker Configurator

Your WALLET ADDRESS must be valid for the currency you mine !
DO NOT USE a BTC address here, the auto exchange is disabled on these stratums !


Config: -a -o stratum+tcp://latinminers.com:0000 -u -p c=