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Frequent Questions

latinminers.com is the trusted organization that provides a safe and transparent crypto mining.
We never hold back information, fees, payouts.
We are miners and we know what trust is worth, our job is to keep that trust above our profit, the miner comes first, we know the feeling of being in a pool without anyone answering your questions, losing your coins or part of them with nobody taking responsibility, paying high commissions and being nobody to the group. latinminers.com is not like that and that is precisely why we exist, you are the most important thing, welcome miner.
latinminers.com will only communicate about customer issues through official support channels. about
Miners work together with the goal of finding blocks, each block and its reward is distributed proportionally among miners based on their submitted valid actions, regardless of who finds the block.
You are alone! If you find a block, you get the full reward.
Recently earned coins, waiting for the block to mature (unconfirmed).
Earn coins from mature (confirmed) blocks.
coins awaiting the next payment if they exceed the specified minimum.
Total Unpaid:
Immature + Confirmed + Balance.
Total Paid:
Total coins paid to your wallet address.
Total Earned:
Total Not Paid + Total Paid.
The pool covers all transaction fees.
Payments are made every 3 hours for all balances above the (0.001) specified minimum in each currency.
Hashrate is the amount of hashes being done per second by the miner.
It can be interpreted and number of guesses per second by the miner.
The pool uses shares and their difficulty to calculate the hashrate of any given worker.
In our dashboard you can distinguish two hashrates:
The hashrate the pool thinks you have based on the shares you submitted in the last 5 minutes. This value can vary a lot and can change drastically with each block.
Last 24 Hours Hashrate
This is the 24 hour average of your hashrate given shares you submitted to the pool.
This value can change from day to day depending on the randomness of how hard it was to solve the last 24 hour blocks, which has nothing to do with global network difficulty.
Share is a fraction of the block the pool is currently trying to solve. You are paid not for hashing itself but for those shares you submit.
Shares are also used by the pool to track what work was done by the miner and can also be used to calculate the hashrate of the workers.
Stale actions are actions that were sent to the group after the crash was already resolved.
Those are correct actions that only have solutions for the previous block, which means they can no longer be accepted in the current block.
It is highly recommended to keep them as low as possible as they directly affect your winnings due to not being counted as accepted.
The acceptable stale rate is less than 5%. Anything above that should not be accepted unless our servers are not very close to your location.
Things users can do to reduce the number of outdated shares
Use Ethernet whenever possible instead of Wi-Fi.
Use wired connection instead of mobile.
Verify that your overclocks are correct.
Shares are solutions to the blocks but with reduced difficulty.
Workers are mining and trying to find those shares. They are important as it would be impossible for the pool to track the work that has been done by the workers and show their statistics. Users can interpret it as proof that the miner is working on the solution.
It is used to ensure optimal communication and work distribution between workers and the pool.
It makes it possible to assign higher difficulty work for faster workers and easier ones to slower ones which should make the communication frequency roughly the same regardless of the miner hashrate.
How does this affect my rewards?
If the miners are paid for the shares they submit, aren't miners with higher difficulty punished for it as they need to do more work to find a share while the pool is using "vardiff"? No! It is true that users are paid for the shares they submit, however, not all shares are created equally and higher difficulty shares are worth proportionally more than lower difficulty shares.
Let's look at it with an example: We have 2 miners, X and Y. And we look at the same timeframe where difficulty does not change. Miner X has difficulty adjusted to 1 and was able to send 6 shares. Miner Y has difficulty adjusted to 10 and was able to submit 3 shares. Now, Miner X was able to submit more shares, however, they had lower difficulty than Miner Y. To calculate the work done of each miner we can use a simple summation. Worker X has done work equal to 6 (6 shares * 1 difficulty) and Miner Y equal to 30 (3 shares * 10 difficulty). With this, we can see that even though Miner Y sent fewer shares, it has done 5 times the work of Miner X and will be rewarded 5 times more for them. The variable difficulty and PROP payment system allow us to gather frequent data from the miners while ensuring fair and proper payments for the work done.
This would be a standard setup -a x21s -o stratum+tcp://latinminers.com:9577 -u PNBPi8gRunJWyqUC8aRYoDssUK2a92bmVr.rig02 -p c=PGN
go to the worker configurator to generate your miner configuration
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